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Also says tire monitor is not working. Should I take it to a mercedes dealer for this and service a?
The outside temperature, clock, and gear shift went blank in the instrument cluster.
my Mercedes has been setting in the garage for a few months and the battery is dead how do I jump it off?
alarm control module location
The outside temperature gauge light on the dashboard cluster is out.If this indicating that a fuse is out? If so, where would I locate the fuse? I did not see anything about this in the car manuel. Thanks
the navigational/radio quit working and it is definitely the in-dash unit. who repairs these besides MB?
When I turn on the climate control on low fan I hear a humming/buzzing noise but when I increase the fan speed it disappears. I had it diagnosed from Mercedes and they told me the blower motor needs replacement. It ...
the driver door will not closed itself by vacuum. all other doors do. thanks
How do I fix the lcd command screen in my 2005 s430 mercedes? It has gone completely blank. It will not power on. Before going blank it read 'flash memory corrupted, formatting, do not turn power off'.
All my power door locks, and truck, gas cover locks are not working, what might be the cause of this. Thank you
mercedes dealer near 92831