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plus the back seat head rest wont go down using the automatic button and automatic door locks dont work. Is this a fuse problwm?
i noticed the car was low in the back when it sat. not big deal, fills up when i run. the car used to "hiss" when i would shut the door, now it doesnt. when i was detiailing it with aggressive power washer to under...
It's not busted because it airs up sometime.. It goes down when I put it in reverse , then whn I put it in drive it comes back up and when I drive it for awhile it comes down again and doesn't come back up until it si...
Where is the fuse box located that has the fuses associated with the a/c system?
Hapens when driving and my foot isnot on the brake pedal.
My gas light came on after my car had been running for a while parked. I turn the car off and when I turned it back on the check engine light came on and want go off.
Radio screen black at times. Looks. Like trying. To RE-BOOST. Itself. Then it says. File system flash drive do not shut off. Will reset and it never does what could this be?
I can not detach the door assembly from the handle
Trunk latch will not engage. Trunk remains open.
heat sometimes go off and on.I put it on max or auto and nothing happen i was told it was the release valve.
i have oil filter casing damaged. if i change the timing cover my self do i need some tool to hold the timing chain in side the cover. or timing cover just come off and timing be ok. if i need tool whare can i buy it.
The air stopped cooling but still blowed OK...no cool air. I was told that the expansion valve was defective. What does the expansin valve have to do the the evaporator? Is the expansion valve a part of the evaporator?