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I can find no reference to these bolts that are obviously there. Or in my case missing and needed.
I can here pressure release when car if cut off...also hear a rumbling sound
Can I drive it to my mechanic = approx 10 miles away. kept pressing aromatic button, works for a minute then light comes back on
car will not rise it there manual shock for this model?
When the outside temperature is over 80 or so degrees the drivers side gets warm while driving in sunlight. But it works fine at stops for lights or stop signs. it also works fine after sunset.
Sus. pump come's on but car will not rise up what could be the problem?
I can't get my navigation to come on when I select navi from the panel. Everything works but I can't see nothing on the screen.
everytime i start my car up the entrance light comes on. And when i turn it off the driver side drops down.
Where is the access to the left turn signal lamp and do I need a special tool to replace lamp???
Thank your for reading my concern, and question. This is what I know so far: I purchased this card about (3) months ago and the car would lose air pressure in the front if i did not drive the car every day. I would...
are there 3 fuse boxes?. two under the hood-inside the engine compartment, where is the third one if the car has three fuse boxes.
trunk sounds like it is going to open, but will not open remotely from inside the car or with the remote. Trunk only opens with the mechanical key. Also have to push or force down to close the trunk; trunk lid leaves ...
stereo and gps works, but no sound out of speakers. Checked the fuses inside the two fuse boxes under the hood and they are all ok.