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When I stop! I have to put it in park then back in drive to go.
when i first start it cold , it will start with little effort, but as i start & stop it doesn't want to start unless i give a little gas & it will start then, i checked fuses , or could this be fuel pump getting weak
When any of the doors are open and not locked it won't do this. But when all the doors are closed snug and locked and you hit the trunk release button on the console it unlocks the doors and pops the trunk. I've had t...
I have a small coolant leak coming from the back of the head.
The belt took out vacuum lines and wiring to air switching vacuum valve. Destroyed the connector and wiring to this valve. I need to know how to rewire or to get a new plug/connector. I can't afford to replace the ent...
MY AUTO STARTS EASY AND RUNS ON ALL 6 cylinders, THEN sounds like its running on three! Then quits after about 8 seconds.
Is there a fuse in the park release and column release circuit. Where is it located.
The automatic door locking system drains power from my battery.