It's seems to happen first thing in the morning & is worse in warmer weather.

Today I accidentally locked my keys in and now I can't get in what is a strategy to unlock it or what can I do?

all 4 air bags are new so I know not leaking i am getting visit repair shop any thoughts.

2006 Mercedes-Benz R350 Question: Parking brake release came off, now I can't release my parking brake I think cable broke

I took my car to MB to do a diagnostic test the code came back as camshaft adjuster ,the dealer saying you have to get a balancer the cost for that is almost $6000.00 , it seem like their should be a recall for this issue , dealer trying to tell me their no recall or know issue about this problem ,I need help on what to do about this problem ?

This occurs usually after it has been sitting overnight or several hours