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2006 Mercedes-Benz R350 Question: Parking brake release came off, now I can't release my parking brake I think cable broke
I took my car to MB to do a diagnostic test the code came back as camshaft adjuster ,the dealer saying you have to get a balancer the cost for that is almost $6000.00 , it seem like their should be a recall for this ...
This occurs usually after it has been sitting overnight or several hours
stop car too low on panel
When I stopped and then started again the car would not go faster than 6 mph before the ABS brakes would come on grinding the car to a hault.This happened once before and it was a wheel sensor.At that time I managed t...
We bought this car three month ago with mileage about 64K. About month ago we find out that it needs service 'D'. We tried to find over the internet what is this and how much it cost. At least to know what to be rea...
Im told it needs a strut on front drivers side replaced. Air pressure regulator replaced. Passenger air bag indicator light to be calibrated. What did I pay for when I took it in?
It has dropped low and how to fix it?
went we push opening,only one side opening and the other side close all the way
Is this a oil change reminder and if so how do you reset
then the next day leaned in placing my hand on drivers seat to start it up and the heater fired right up thought good to go. then later in the day blower would not shut off even after i removed the key by next day bat...
It only happens when the engine is hot. Fluid is at the normal level.