2000 Mercedes-Benz ML55 AMG Questions

Answered 2000 Mercedes-Benz ML55 AMG Questions

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we have changed the fuel pump but still the car start and shut off
I started my car this morning and there is a loud noise or pump that is staying on after the car has been started and when it is shut down. The noise seems to be some type of electrical pump near the left front of th...
On jan 24 2014 I purchased my ML 55.I recently replaced batteries. Does not lock or unlock or turn on/off alarm.
Rear washer stopped working, washer pump at reservoir is working and will pump fluid, line appears to be plugged, tried low air pressure in line up to 50 Psi. Found parts schematic which shows check valve in line but...
Have you or anyone experienced issues with your A/C with this type of model? I had own my vehicle since 2005. Never had to place feron in it until 04/2011. During that time it was checked for leaks and was informed th...
my rear driver side window got stock and im trying to remove the inside door panel to look and see whats the problem
I'm looking for step-by-step instructions on how to change my water pump on my 2000 ml55. Does anyone have any detailed instructions?
I'm looking at buying a used ML55 AMG with 140,000 miles as a second car primarily for snowy weather. How many miles additional miles should I expect?
my stereo will not power on. it was on and then turned the car off and now it wont power back on.
My mechanic thinks one of my catalytic converters needs replacing. The car has 155K miles on it. How much should this cost and what is the likely hood the other 3 will break soon?