2007 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Reviews

2007 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Reviews and Owner Comments

2007 Mercedes-Benz ML350 (8 Reviews)
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We bought a used 2007 ML 350 from Albuquerque. First time in for service we got about 10 miles out and the sunroof would not close-had to take it back. Next time $600 dollars in repairs then the computerized electrical system had to be reset. The steering column had to be replaced because the horn kept honking, now the check engine light comes on then goes off then the brake light comes on then goes off-this car is costing us soooo much in repairs it is unbelievable! I do not want another Mercedes!
Not sure why previous reviewer(same make, year, model)Mercedes has such difficulty. Bought mine pre-owned with 30,000 miles and now has 82,000. Rides great, no problems except a few bulbs from time-to-time and then there was the trunk latch replaced. Other than that, great car. Up to 81, 000. Plan to keep way past 100,000. My dad says cabs in Amsterdam uses same car! Previous cars of mine required way more work. I did get the CAR FAX before buying and it was good.
Purchased a used 07 in 07 (10 months and about 15k miles) and has been a nightmare since day 1. Engine, trans, A/C, electrical, steering, etc....you name it, it has gone bad on this car!!!! My third MB and could very well be my last. Tired of filling out surveys that ask you how clean the waiting room was when this POS breaks down weeks after repairs. Called MB Corp, no help at all. The level of arrogance at MB dealerships is the worst part. They act like its a privilege to get repair work done every few months and are rarely willing to bend on very expensive solutions.
I have a 2007 ML350 which I purchased in 2009. I have no major mechanical complaints except that I am constantly changing lights bulbs (headlight, break lights, etc.)and the "Service B" indication keeps coming on. I've had an oil change maybe 2x a year being that I do a lot of driving but NEVER do I take it back to Mercedes, I take it to firestone or Mavis. Wish I knew about the electrical problems, my trunk has stopped opening and closing by itself now I have to force it down and open myself.
I purchased my 07 ML350 from Ray Catena in Union, Certified Pre-Owned with 16,000 miles in January of 2009. At time of purchase I was told I had "free" oil changes and 5 year factory warranty coverage. Lets just say, few months later check engine light was on, took truck to dealer, another few weeks later, service light was on and took truck back to dealer, most of the light bulbs were replaced within the first 3 months of ownership, NOTHING WAS FREE, oil change or service as I was told, in fact, it costs me about $700 each time I take for service, six months after purchase needed new tires and brakes...few months ago the heating system failed, no heat in truck when it was -0 degrees out, took back to fix, cost me $4,000. Check engine light back on, back to dealer. NOW, the entire right side of the truck HAS NO lights and I am being told is an electrical problem the truck has. For two years I have been back and forth replacing ALL bulbs in truck while it has been costing me a fortune, NOW I am told its electrical and I am out of warranty. What is going on??? NEVER again will I buy another Mercedes vehicle. Did I mention that I paid the vehicle in full (CASH/Check) at the time of purchase???
Previously owned a 2002 320E wagon but as it got older, got to be too expensive to fix. Bought a used, 2007 350ML SUV with 30,000 miles on it. Starting making funny, sloshing sounds whenever I turned a corner. Took it in and they agreed to fix it. Apparently, had to remove the whole dashboard to do it. It was fine for a month or two and then started sloshing again. Brought it back in - took two weeks to fix it! When it was finally returned to me, they had disconnected the cigarette lighters so now I cannot charge my phone in the car. Have had the car back twice to fix and they still return it to me without fixing the cigarette lighters. Going back next week for one last time. This is my fourth and last Mercedes.
In Aug. 2011 I purchased a 2007 ML350 through Lehigh Valley Acura/Vinart in Allentown. This is the first time I ever owned a Mercedes and I can honestly say, it will be the last time. In Dec. 2011, I took it to the dealership for my first "FREE" oil change. We drove the vehicle 33 miles and it started smoking. We immediately went back to the dealership.....long story short my "FREE" oil change resulted in a cracked cylinder head and $200 for my deductible. A vehicle I had for only 4 months with a $2900 repair!!! Now 1 month later the check engine light comes on. I went to the BMW dealership that completed the $2900 repair and now they are telling me that I need to replace a air mass sensor which will cost me another $200 for my deductible. How RIDICULOUS is this!! $400 in deductibles for a total of $3500 in repairs for a vehicle I have owned for 5 months. I'm so glad I waited to fill out my survey on this dealership. I am a first and last time buyer.
Have 30,000 miles on my ML and no problems. Only factory recommended service. Relatively low service cost if you shop around. I use a quality independent and cost is half of dealer service cost. Brake pads are ok at 30k, but need replacement in next 6 months. Rotors ok till 50-60k. I love that the ML gives me the handling of a lux sport sedan, but the utility of an suv. Great all around vehicle.

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