2006 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Reviews

2006 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Reviews and Owner Comments

2006 Mercedes-Benz ML350 (6 Reviews)
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I love the ML 350, it is a great SUV, runs like a champion!Looks brand new and I always get comments like when did you get a new car!!My Ml has just rolled over the 140K mark, It is the best.
Bought this one new and have suffered numerous problems since day one. Started with a steering column wire harness recall. Then the right rear shock failed. Both transmission and engine oil pan weld nuts for the drain plug failed at the first oil change. (bad welds) Then one of the a/c vents fell apart. I was able to carefully reassemble it. At 50k the right front wheel bearing failed. It failed again at 75k. At 74k the front differential bearings failed and it can only be replaced, not repaired since bearings come from Poland and significant careful shimming is required to replace them. OEM Michelin tires were incredibly noisy. This is my wife's car and she babies it, so there is no abuse. This is probably the worst car we have ever owned. My second Benz and even worse than the first so this is probably the last one we ever buy. Keeping it since we have spent so much repairing it that I can't justify selling it at a loss.
Stay way from any 2006-2009 ML350. Major problems with transmissions. Bought a 2006 ML350. 10 months out of warranty and went into "limp mode", stuck on first gear. Replaced transmission speed sensor ($1000). A month later, same problem, replaced Valve body ($2000). Still not fixed. Dealer says there's a know problem inside engine it takes 1 week and $5000 to fixed. Called Mercedes no help. Other issues: Melted tail right tail assembly ($400), Computer for wipers ($1000), Secondary battery under passenger seat ($300). I have two other Mercedes (2008 CLK550 and 2012 C300, no problems at all!)
I was rather surprised to find this site AFTER I purchased a used 2006 ML350. AND I wish I had never bothered. I was excited when I realized that I, single mother of three, would be able to afford the luxury of a Mercedes!! Not all that it's cracked up to be. Brakes (pads and rotors) always need replacing, which is odd because I do more distance driving than city (not alot of brake use). Power steering resivoir cracked (not sure how that happened), something with the transmission (left me on the side of the road during one of our family road trips) which was never diagnosed and now my blowers will not turn off causing my battery to drain and car would not start (some line clogged and causing a back up in fluids)......The disappointing part is that there are so many problems but not macy solutions or diagnoses for that matter!!! I can honestly say that the grand experience with the luxurious Benz has been nothing but pure hell. I will not buy another used vehicle EVER (especially not a luxury vehicle). Oh yeah, did I mention it was CERTIFIED!!!
i have my valve body replace but the up shift 1 to 2 and 3 to 4 and 2 to 1 can still br feel when gear shifting? can you please advise asap ??my email is raymond_teo@rocketmail.com
Bought in Oct. 2005 (2006 ML 350) 65000 miles and never a problem.

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