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Car stops on highways! Sorry for my English ! :) ..driving about 30min over 40-50 mil/hr and transmission gets "disconnected from engine". stop on side of the road. tiptronic doesn't work. On slope parking position ...
My husband and I bought a mercedes ml-320 on Friday and on Saturday the BAS ESP light came some say it could be the brakes but we just had the breakers replaced and the whole car tested before we put it on the road on...
How much to replace propellor shaft with oem part for a 2003 ML 320?
The air duct in the center console/arm rest is closed or shut. No air flows through the vents to the rear compartment. I pushed the button on the main control to allow air ventilation to the rear passengers, but no ai...
Will not activate, it just pops open again...any suggestions for a quick fix or do I have to replace it. thanks
I have a slow leak requiring a few ml of fluid every month or so. I have some MB P/S fluid, but would like to stop the leak without costly repairs.
When I start and drive my ML 320, I hear a pressurized air leak that goes away when I apply the brakes, but resumes when I release the brake pedal.
Nothing is leaking under my vehicle but the refrigerant would not take...Do I need a new compressor or something else?
My A/C is blowing out hot air...How do I know if I need a compressor or a sensor?
I let my window down today and now the driver window and back passenger window will not move; does this mean I have a blown fuse? In addition, my heat stop blowing hot air BUT the AC does work really well.
2003 ML320. When the radio is turned on there is no sound and the CD player is not recognized. No warning, just happened.
I have had this since buying the car new. Never found a problem. Now say the differential needs to be replaced. Does this sound correct?
after driving the car for approximately 10 minutes, the front of the car begins to whistle or squeal. the rate at which you hear the noise is proportional to the speed of the car.