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Like the car is losing full fuel supply most time like 3 times in every 200meters sometimes works well I have changed airmax I have serviced what the mechanic will call actuators still same
My ml 270 cdi not 320
The car is blowing heat from all the vents and will not turn off I was told that I needed an a/c harness for the left and right and a fuse panel and was told it would cost 800. in labor is that true.
It idles rough and shakes badly. What advice do you have for me.Thanks.
the fuse control to the a/c fan gets blown frequently now. i thought the a/c fan runs intermittently and stops.can it be why the fuse gets blown frequently?
engines surges slightly when on cruise control but smooth at idle ..
the cars starts dragging once you reach miles per hour speed with a flash on the dashboard (red triangle. however once the esp switch is activativated, the movement becomes smooth, but the above light will display con...
I took my car to a shop to replace my Radiator. When I got my car back, I noticed that my Key's Panic button had been tampered with and it was not working at all. it appeared something was missing inside. I know the s...
Key is stuck and cannot get it out please help
When I turn ignition all lights including panel lights blinks and go out and don't even crank.After re-installing the charged battery the radio also does not work .It is asking for security code which I don't have. An...
Happened last week and i clicked the "Auto" button and got it started however i have moved and touched every button and no luck to get air flowing in front vents. Poor contact or fuse?
How much does it cost