2002 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Questions

Answered 2002 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Questions

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Just quit, going down the highway and it decided to quit working.???
I have never had any problems with my car until now. When im turning the key it sound pretty rough and is shaking a bit
My son does stereos for a living and put a new one in my car, I took it out for a drive and I cant get the low range to disengage, I tried putting it in neutural and taking it out of low but the light stayed on. I dis...
only had 3 days, no problems. while driving 70 in cruise control car shut down, when engine is on everything works until the brake pedal or gas is touched then system shuts down. Battery shop tried to replace the batt...
Is it better to go with a new motor or just give up?
Cant get fluid to other 3 brakes, bled them and nothing. Even bought the tool to bleed brakes.Just don't understand why? I have done brakes before stumped!
I want to know how much it will cost to replace my car's alternator.
Is it true that if you have a hole in plastic bumper you have to replace whole bumper?just did it to tune of 1000 last yr Now another hole
The antennae on top of car is off with wire exposed. Is this just for that phone system? Can i get electrcuted in carcwash
Right after having headlight replaced the brake light blinks and beeps on and off Mostlybafter starting