Can a glove compartment be repaired or does it have to be replaced?

The crankcase position sensor and brakelight switch were diagnosed and replaced and I received a bill for 611.00 dollars. Also a relay switch which cost 27 dollars was replaced. The parts totaled 187.00 dollars and labor was 403.00. Was as I over charged?

vehiclle will die after 10 minutes of operation and not start for about an hour, then dies again.

vehiclle will die after 10 minutes of operation and not start for about an hour, then dies again.

My wife's brake light are staying on. I've check several fuses, and now her driver window won't go back up and the others don't work. Also her mirros don't work either. She is not happy we have a plastic bag over her window. I need help! Replacing the center console is possible but how hard is that?? And any ideas about the brake lights? That was the only problem but now I have several problems. Could it be as simple as a fuse?

I recently took my 1999 ML320 in to have the front left axle replaced.I was informed that in the near future I would need a new front differential, and also replace the transmission line. I am trying to get an idea on how much this will cost me. My mechanic says that a new front differential is going to cost $3000. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


no matter to which positon i set heat/air i get hot air

very hard to bleed brakes still very sponge wont hold the bleeding

Where do I find the fuse box and the fuse for the horn.

The far back door (hatchback) doesn't stay up when I open it, how much will it cost to repair this?

we want the check engine light turned off where can we take it in our area to have that done

My ML320 headlights are going in and out and 12volt lighter, mirror lights and overhead light keeps going out; changed the fuse just yesterday and it went out yet again.....any help out there what in the world could be wrong?

How can ifix the noise like tik tik tak didn't stop when iturn the car

I have an ML320, I was on my way home in a huge snow storm driving through drifts. The car died but it started right up. The RPMs went up to 40 and the battery light stayed on. I left it off for a coulpe of minutes and started it again. The RMP’s were down but the battery light stayed on. Is this a weather problem?

Suv heater won't shut off