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My ML320 headlights are going in and out and 12volt lighter, mirror lights and overhead light keeps going out; changed the fuse just yesterday and it went out yet again.....any help out there what in the world could b...
How can ifix the noise like tik tik tak didn't stop when iturn the car
I have an ML320, I was on my way home in a huge snow storm driving through drifts. The car died but it started right up. The RPMs went up to 40 and the battery light stayed on. I left it off for a coulpe of minutes...
Suv heater won't shut off
How to reset the esp codes? Or brake lamp switch?
What is the best way to flush the cooling system?
I know it means some kind of service, but what exactly?
I have a 1999 mercedes ml320 and need to replace rear rotors and pads. Being unemployed right now I can't afford to take it to the shop. Are there any unusual situations I should be aware of. I am a rather compet...
Where is the oil pan for drainging the oil and what does it look like? This is my first time to change the oil on this vehicle.
cost to repair, seals clesn out or replace rings;
The ASB light comes on frequently, when applying brakes feels like traction. Had front brakes and rear brakes recently within 3 months.
my windows have all stopped working. what kind of price am i looking for to repair this problem? And what is the recall on my 1999 ml320. and how do i get the free service..thanks
My car will not meet emissions tests and according to the engine check light diagnosis the air pump on the carburetor needs replacement. I have bought the part, now looingforsimple replacement instrucios
The A/C blows cold air for days then it stops, then a day or so it starts cooling again. No pops, clicks, lights. It seems the compressor just quits loading. The blower fan works fine. The a/c fuses are good.
my switch will not turn to defrost,it jams