ineed toknow what i to remove to get to oil filter housing and in what order

Recently got the car from a family member who had not driven the car much. Had check engine light with many codes but car ran good. Started shutting down after warming up and would run and start after cooling down. Fuel gauge did not work so we changed the Fuel pump and Fuel filter...still car did not run after getting warmed up. Found out about the Crank position sensor and changed that and car runs fine. After about a week of driving Check Engine light comes on and code says p0410. Car runs fine but need to get check engine light resolved so we can get car tagged in Texas.

Runs good and have no check engine lights, but once engine warms up it shuts off and will not restart until engine is cold. Have replaced both fuel pump and fuel filter with no change. When it shuts down the motor cranks but it does not seem its getting a spark. When it shuts down its as if the key has been turned off.

I was driving down the highway and my ML320 lost all power. All of the gauges fell like I had killed the engine. When I tried to start it again it would not even crank the starter. My windows won't roll down and the doors won't lock (except manually) and I don't have blinkers or interior lights. It was full of gas, I disconnected/reconnected the battery, and checked all the fuses. I have headlights and the radio, odometer reading, and temperature will show up but that is all. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

my mechanics told me AAM Module has to be change and is relay expensive what can I do ? any one can answer ?

Faulty design, I've replaced 3 modules so far. I ripped the cover off and attached an ink pen cover over the remaining stud. The extra leverage kept it operating, but thought I would eliminate the issue by by-passing the switch with wiring a 3 way toggle. Any recommendations, even the Mercedes mechanics know the switch is a piece of junk.

Where do I find a picture/diagram of dash so I know what the pictures are that flash when there is a problem with my vehicle