1998 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Questions

Answered 1998 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Questions

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Leaking oil at the oil filter unit. Where the circulation lines connect to the filter assembly. Could it be a gasket?
do you think is my ignition switch
I did check vacuum s and I recharge the sistem
Can't find charcoal canister
It happen went I put the key in n turned the steering wheel.
It won't crank and the door locks stopped working from the button on the inside and from the remote
ml 320 jerk when put on drive and also when put on reverse
Will not stay running in cold weather starts below 25 degrees. Thanks!
I also have an oil leak. Haven't looked where it's coming from yet. What is the most common places? Thanks
previously holding at cruising speeds found front wheel speed sensors broken replaced with new ones. holding of wheels not noticed after but beeping sound of ESP,ETS,and Handbrake lights keep flashing athigh speeds bu...