85k mi. Changed oil, after 2k mi. Message says check oil. Checked oil none on dip stick. Added oil to normal level. 3 weeks later and minimal miles driven, same message. Checked oil and none reading. Cranked engine to check running and it started showing half on dip stick. Why was it dry when checked hot the first time and dry when checked cold the 2nd time 3 weeks later?

Everything works

Only when car is not driven for a couple of days.

when the car sit over nite and I start smoke comes out from tale pipe

Car just started to blink its front running light and rear tail light and cannot get them to go off

Isn't this a bit early to need rotors?

Where is the oil drain plug on a 2010 GLK350 4MATIC?

how to reset maintenance service indicator in instrument cluster. e-mail