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Right now, I am experiencing jumping and jerking from my car when at a complete stop or driving slowly. But once i get up in speed the problem disappears. Any help or advice you can give me towards this issue would be...
#1 current issue: Red stop car too low came on once,pushed car up button, light went out and seemed fine when driving. Parked car came back 3 hours later and right front was significantly lower. Drove it,no warning li...
For the last month or so would not change down until I stopped, switched off ign,locked the car, unlocked, and then start again, ok for a few days. Now I can only get 2nd and reverse. Car has only done 54000 miles. 7 ...
Where is the heating element on this car and is it something I can buy and fix without taking it ot the dealer.
I replaced front & rear break pads on my 2005 Mercedes E500 at 28000 Miles. The car has now 48000 miles & the MB service rep. tells me that I need new rotors & pads again. How long should these breaks last?
Anybody knows what these codes stand for: 91c3, 9080, 9083, 9183 and 9203 and can i fix them. Thank you
This has only happend twice, but we have only owned the car for 3 months. No diagnostic codes are present, and the locks will still work with the center stack lock/unlock buttons. I don't believe it's the batteries in...
Also, do you guys know whats transmission version on 2005 MB E500 V8, regular? Is it 722.6 or other?
How can i check transmission fluid level on my 2005 MB E500 without deepstick stick tool, or where can i get one? Thank you
What kind of power steering fluid should i use for my MB 2005 E500? Can i use any regular one or it should be only Mercedes brand?
My instrument panel is reading E service exceeded by 11 days. What does this service consist of??
How do you change the transmission fluid on a 2005 e500 benz