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The engine died on the freeway in stop and go traffic. I had it towed to the house. Last year I replaced the fuel pump and filter. I replaced the CPS today and it still dies shortly after startup.
i' ve read it can be a regulator or resistor can the regulator be taken out and the points cleaned if so i would appreciate some info as to how to do this and if a video is available thank you
I never turn the radio on, yet it turns on by itself. Even when I manually turn it off while driving or not, it turns itself on and won't stay off.
the ESP, ABS and BAS is showing on the display screen, how do i clear the fault?
Up until recently I haven't had any problems with my rear braking lights. But I checked them, and my rear (high) brake light works, but my rear braking lights aren't working? What can I do to fix them?
Car starts and stall later in traffic or at the packing lot. Once it stalled after only 2 minutes of starting but it always started back up after resting a bit.
The remote control does not lock the trunk, trunk button does not work, and there is a red light on the trunk button that stays on. The trunk has to be locked manually
My car started downshifting while I was driving to work this morning. I had to pull over and put it back into park and then put it in drive again.
im 5400 miles over but i just had an (mobil 1)oil change 2-3 months ago.