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I just bought a new battery. Every now and then it does turn over and start. But then when I turn it off, the problem reoccures.
New regulator lasted 2 hrs and turned the car off and fan keept going and lost control completely, had to diconect fan to turn it off. What should i do. Please advice. Alejhdez@hotmail.com
Problem is worse at start up but never quite goes away.
under my hood i found the control panel for the fuses... there is nopaper work to indicate what fuse goes where ,what size fuse and why.
replaced the gasket and the timing expansion cover its still leakin so wht do i do.do i just gety gasket sealent and goop it on.i think the default must be on the timing side but i dont want to replace that.not to men...
but theres another leak above it does anyone know what it could be (irvtech) maybe filter neck or something ive overlooked or dont know about,please help cause im losing about a quart every 4-5 running hours and i don...
where can i go to get my hood unstuck
mercedes benz e430 sport 1998 engine light cames on after driving through water. once it dries out, will it turn off?