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Anyone know why the max is coming from the speakers so low? I can barely hear it! When I turn the volume dial up I can hear it come in and out. Don't know if it's a amp issue or if the dial is stripped on the radio. ...
The fan stopped working abruptly and the next morning when we went to start te care the battery had gone dead due to what seems to be a fan that was stating on after the ignitionwas turned off. Please advise on this ..
Blower work good on both sides and I have tested all flaps.
Can I change the transmission filter and fluid myself?
can you tell me how to turn of the Exceeded Repair light on the dash board.
I have a very rough sounding cold-start in my 1998 E55 AMG for about 10 seconds after which its ok. It sounds as if the cylinders are not getting oil before the first ignition hence the sound. once the oil gets there ...
i was told by my mechanic that all 3 engine mounts need replaced because of how bad the car vibrates in reverse how much should that repair be.
I broke my only key to my car and need a new replacement one. I called the Mercedes Benz dealer and was told I need to order it from Germany. Do you know how much this is going to cost?
check engine light came on and panel said engine electronics
shiftter mechanism will not go into any gears. Lever will shift but the vehicle will not move.
I just purchased a 1998 e430 and the ac is blowing out hot air. I bought 2 cans of refrigerant but when i got under the hood i could only find the low side. Can anyone tell me where to look possibly? I put it on a lif...
Approximately how much will it cost to repair a drive shaft
Would the system cause a oil leak in front of the engine? looks liek the lower half of the engineif your standing in front of the engine. Looks like oil is leaking from the right side front side of the engien if your ...