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I need to add transmission fluid, and I have to make sure to use the correct type for my car. Can I find out looking up my VIN #? It states my car is 4D SDN on vehicle registration.
oil sensor light comes on
I own a MB e320. It looks as if the transmision is stuck in first gear. With an OBDDII scanner I am getting fault code PO-715.
at least 10 degree difference, need to be cooler. Sometimes gets cooler but quickly cycles warmer, not adequate.
turn on air & it starts blowing cold air then slows down and blows intermitant!
into 2nd and 3rd and so on and sometimes it acts like its in nuetral and wont go..but after it warms up it does well..they say u do not change the fluid in these trans,i have already changed the link rubber boots on s...
acted as if i had a flat tire i drove it hame it now has a shaking and pulling in the front any ideas what would be broken
I had a mechanic check of my Mercedes Benz and found out there is grease around the shift and differential. Because it is a 2000 model, so I don't know is it normal for a old car, or it need repair.
If it is electrical, can a "regular" shop fix, or does Mercedes have the equipment to fix only? That happened to me last time, I took car to two shops and spent $100 each for them both to tell me Mercedes was the onl...
i just upgrede my car headlights for a better look ,but i have no idea how to take the stock headlights set off.... and what kind of tools do i need to do the job.....thanks guys for any help out my car :2000 mercede...
how to install head light bulb