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the brake light switch first with an after market and OEM brand, but lights still come on. The brakes will work, but the brake lights do not come on when the warning lights are lit up. They are no codes that come up o...
It drives then cutts off then after 15 start back up ..,,cutts off no warning at all
I think I have a bad crankshaft sensor but the dealer says there is no code to support this. I read somewhere ( and I can't find it to reference) that older models will not show a code. is this true for my 2000 wagon?
The air condition and heater does not come on
car not used for a few days battery flat. new battery fitted same problem. have read this could be power seat control module on passenger side. SRS warning light comes on occasionally then goes off. Can I just unplug ...
park the car, went back to start again to leave ignition won't turn.
My E320 Mercedes 2000 seems to be stuck in second gear. It Runs after the trans has cooled off. Will this ruin the transmission? The Code read out is P0715. Is this a poor electrical connection? This is called a "spee...
but will not come out,,do you need some kind of tool? Please help!!
when engine temp. reaches above 90 degree i can feel a horrible vibration , once temp. cooled down vibration disappears !! Any advice pls.