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It nothing above trunk maybe rear shocks leak? Rear end out? Trans still shifting smooth, slight jerk going to second gear
Washed the car and water got to the fuse panel ?
The left front portion of the car is down @ 7 inches compared to the right side. Prevents the full turn of the left front tire as it strikes the overhanging chasis. This occured this AM. Warning light on panel says do...
Car will crank over but will not start.
I replaced front rotors, brake pads, wheel bearings, tires and had wheels sraightened fron and back. Still have front end vibration. Itys realy annouying? Please help.
service e light come on what is it
Can I replace the engine air filters myself, and how? Are there cabin air filters also? Can I replace them myself? Are there other basic maintenance / repairs that the owner with basic tools can preform at home? Is...
How do you remove the tail light assembly to replace a burnt out bulb?