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The windows and door locks are screwy. When I am in the car, the doors unlock and lock intermittently and when I stop the car and get out, the windows go down. Sometimes I leave the car and they are up, when I come o...
it wont start, been sitting for 4 years.
It has an original stereo system with CD changer in the trunk
How do I change the air filter??
The service light just came on. It said brake pads are low, take to workshop. Can someone tell me what should be the cost of repair?
In 2003 I bought a brand new Mercedes CLK 430. I only have 21,000 miles on it now. It has always been garaged and is in near perfect condition. The warranty is expired.I have had the normal services done on time, exce...
I get about 12000 miles on new tires on my CLK 430 Mercedes. The tires wear out on the inside,I get about 12000 miles out of a new set of tires, the tires are 245 I took and had four wheel alignment but the alignment ...