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My windshield wipers work, but the cleaner won't spray. This is constant since a few months ago. I don't hear any pump running when I press the wiper column. The reservoir is full.
Cream colored belts have no tension & are filthy.
The manual says to go to settings, which I have done, but within settings there is not a site for time, just temperature, cluster and something else. I also have a COMMAND system for audio and the manual says for car...
today i saw the brake wear warning.How long can i drive my car ?
How much would it be to replace a dust filter w labor on a Mercedes clk 350. Also , how much is a remote replacement key
antenna module in rear window that needs replaced and it's $2200! ouch! help....
A red "See Technician" light turned on with a battery icon above. I assumed the battery was loose so I fixed that and the red light keeps turning on.
my engine almost dies when I put the air conditioner on, what's causing that.
only 54,0000 miles,on my clk350. I took off from a light, gave it gas to pass a truck and boom the engine blew up. no warning light was ever on.
Concerned about Carfax report, which mentions replacement of camshaft seals on this car. Is this something normal even at low mileage? On a brand like MBZ? Or does this mean some serious mechanical problems? Thank...
How do I remove the housing cover to access the air filters?
Which do you recommend is the best gas that I use for my CLK 350 Mercedes, is it okay to use regular or should I put in premium gas? I have only had my car for a month and wondered if it made a difference? Thanks, Bebe
when I am braking, I can hear grinding sound from the front tire areas...I see no warning of brake problems.
I can play music over my I Pod, the display of what song is playing showd in the dash but not on the enterntainment screen. Does anyone have a solution for this problem