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I'm 39, F, & I just want to make sure I don't get taken advantage of what repairs need to get done. My car cools fine. My car makes no noise. No throttles no overheating, no some , no high oil pressure. Help!
I am being told that I have to replace the entire manifold because I have a faulty air flap
I checked the gas cap its ok, I am late for my service b Oil looks good, could use a qt.
Just had thenEGR valve replace Now the radio Will turn on and off but no buttons will work to change any function on radio panel Only one station programed and work
My passenger side seatbelt goes forward when the car starts but does not go back. After awhile it eventually does but it happens quite often.
My radio turns on, but I have no volume. It happened once before but it came back on after I started the car. This time no luck. Anyone have suggestion?
Smaller light cover is broekn. Bulb works. Larger headlight not working. Cover is nor broken. Lightd are Xenon.
I have replaced my tires (full set) twice this year because I am told the factory lowering causes uneven tire wear. Life of tires has been about 15,000 miles and I am also told that is about as good as I can get no m...
When taking off some time the car will not shift out of low gear if I stop and turn the engine off and restart the car it works fine. There are time when I take off and the transmission is slipping like it is not enga...
My car CLK350 have 33K. The check engine light is on and the transmission is not shift properly. Mercedes dealer charge me 2500 to fix this problem. Just replace the electrical valve body and perform adaptation to tra...
coolant sencer 2006 mercedes benz clk350
Water condenses on under dash enclosure panels on both side wheel wells and drips on to feet. Is this caused bu condensing on surface or a blocked drain?
sometimes the gearbox does not shift at all, the car is stuck at neutral, and if i am driving on the highway it simply doesnt shift. when i turn it off and on again, eveyrthing goes back to normal. any clue about th...
passanger power seat will not respond to controls on door. it is locked in position. Manually i can move the seat so a person and enter the back seat.
What's the range/total cost to replace an intake manifold for 2006 Mercedes Benz CLK350?