2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK320 Problem Reports

Most Reported 2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK320 Problem Reports

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The CD changer may suffer from an internal mechanical problem. Replacement of the faulty unit is generally required to correct this issue.

Failed spark plug wires and/or ignition coils can cause intermittent misfires (rough running); the Check Engine Light may also illuminate. Diagnoses of the ignition system will be necessary to determine which components are at fault.

At certain low speeds the car felt like it was jerking, as if it were constantly downshifting. At other times I felt a rumbling, as though I were driving over a rough rode. It turned out to be a bad torque converter, and I had to have the transmission rebuilt. I also replaced the radiator (Valeo) which are known to fail and leak coolant into the transmission, causing the torque converter to fail. Valeo radiators were used in early 2004 mod...

The sway bar end link joints may wear and cause a knocking noise over bumps. Loose or warn links should be replaced to correct this type of noise.

The mass air flow sensor can fail, resulting in poor fuel economy and Check Engine Light illumination.

The heating, ventilation and AC (HVAC) heater box is susceptible to mildew buildup. This can result in a musty odor from the HVAC system, most noticeable when the system is first turned on.

Ball joints can wear out prematurely, causing wear in the tires.

The heater case for the center vents can crack near the stop sensors. If the stops break, the control motor will not know when to stop and will run continuously.
The hold down nut for the upper front strut area can become loose, causing a knocking noise. This can be repaired without removing the strut assembly.