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My car got rained on because the sunroof won't close. The center console got wet. Now I can't roll the Windows down, open the trunk or close the sunroof. the mechanic ruled out a faulty fuse. what could it be and h...
Was in a bit of a hurry, put in key, tried to start car by turning it too quckly, acted as though it was going to start, but did not. Tried again and the brake pedal would no longer engage locking up the stearing whe...
ive replaced the battery in the key fob what could n be the problem
My car vibrates when i put it into drive and reverse, after the car warms up the vibration goes away, it will vibrate when i come to stop signs or at lights. It only vibrates when stopped. These days it is now continu...
My air was working fine yesterday I turned ac off and a few minutes later went to turn on nothing ck all settings (defrost er etc.) nothing blows so I tend to think the blower motor how can I tell which is bad I chfu...
Cost to replace rotors and pads? Cost for oil pan gasket? Rear engine seal cost?
As soon as it hits the point where it should turn over the engine the power completely cuts. Now it holds now power at all. The battery was fine. Any ideas?
the sunroof will not open ,could it be a fuse?
Have replaced all obvious parts but still have excessive cranking before starting. Have recently started turning on key, then off, then on again to start engine. This seems to be working right now. What needs to be re...
My passager seat does not work, the control does not work
how much should i pay for a air mass flow meter on a 1998 Mercedes-Benz clk 320
the car leaks transmission fluid , it is a slow leak but it does eventually cause problems, how do i put transmission fluid in this car?
Where are the spark plugs located. Can't seem to find them. I took the coil packs off and they are not under them so im completely lost.
the car is hard to turn ,where does the power steering fluid go?