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ABC light come on and car drops
At first I thought a valet left the rear window open, I brought the vehicle for repairs, the carpets were removed and dried and all the electrical was replaced (apparently the majority of it runs underneath the back s...
Car is stuck in park and will not release out?
I do know that I need a tie rod replacement, ball joint and control arms, and an alignment would that have something to do with it. Meanwhile, it seems like the light comes on when it is really cold outside.
the above message showed once last week and again today. i have just under 48,500 and the service schedule still has me at 8,400 miles out. what is this and how concerned should i be. i do not have a warranty.
Hello, I have a 2003 cl-500 Mercedes- Benz. I have the manual. I am trying to change the digital clock in the vehicle. I can't find the instructions in the manual. I looked on-line at the manual at the Mercedes s...
sounds like my right side upper contrpl arm bushings are soueeking is this a common thing?