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the stuck I couldn't turn it. Please let me know what to do. I bought a new battery wasn't the problem. The power shutdown, where can I restore the power?
While driving the backrest of the drivers seat reclines by itself while driving the vehicle. What could cause the seat to recline by itself automatically.
secondary air pump will turn ON when the engine is HOT
it shakes or vibrates even when in motion or at a traffic stop
I suffer from a high fuel consumption (80 km/20L) so please can you help me to resolve this problem
I will be replacing my mass air sensor, I've been told it maybe my mass air flow meter. If replace the Mas and it it is the meter will it ruin the new mas?
Can a ECM with da same number work in a clk320 an c320
I have spent over $1000 chasing this BAS light issue.. I had about 6 brake switch lights & 1 brake booster replaced ...The benz dealership told me it was the Brake light issue & replaced it..Light came on again & I br...
cant car through emmisions changed 02 sensors and fixed vaccum lines and mass air but still it says fuel bank 1
Tele aid keeps calling, stereo starts up then turns after the car starts ...
how to remove alternator for e320 2001
Previous Owner overfilled oil. Drove car and noticed smoke from tailpipe. Drove to repair shop, not dealership, they drained the oil and refilled. After changing the oil, the brought the rpm's up and the motor star...