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When I turn the key all the lights/windows/radio turns on, but the car will not try to start. It doesn't evem tick, nothing. Im not getting any malfunction codes or anything. Any ideas?
check engine light on,when scanned code P0443 comes up.Cause and fix for this code,thanks
hi , i have a merc c320 cdi w204 2008 model , the aircon only blows hot air .. i have already re-gased and did a diagnotic ..no problems found .. however i read that the sensor switch may be locked .. if this is the c...
The mechanic did not know, other than motor mounts?
When I turn on the heat I get little to cold air and the defrost and A/C don't work When I tried charging my phone with the lighter no power
The check light indicator is on and the guage is telling me to add 1.0quart
front right brake locks up then releases
Chilton repair manual shows the replacement but doesn't address the how to....?
If anyone has had this issue.. Please let me know. tks
My car is still losing speed and drops back down about 30...What is going on.. Had so many parts replaced and really need help to resolve this issues.. Dealership said it was "a" part in the transmission but would tel...
I find only 5 gallons fills the tank again....Any thoughts...??
The other day I was getting on the expressway and as I hit the gas to accelerate the engine hesitated and only accelerated at a very slow rate...if I gave it too much gas it began to shake. The check engine light came...