2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC Questions

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Does 2008 C300 4Matic Sport have a timing belt or chain? Any maintenance required?

Cost for replacing brake pads and rotors?

I was driving and stopped home before work left back out about twenty mins later to go to work and car would not start! Every light works radio comes on. No clicking sounds when trying to start it up! I even waited some hours went back out locked and unlocked the doors and nothing! My car was just driving perfectly fine!

Gage is high
power at Fan

I got hit on the front right side of my car,next to the headlight,they drove off and now my steering wheel is angled to the right

Where is the battery located

My car (actually C230 4matic-Canadian car)has 64000km on.Did run without a hick until yesterday,than last nigh I tried to start it and it failed.Engine not turning,not even once.Battery fully charged,no lights,steering locked,shifter not moving,fuel over half level?I tried both keys no luck???

The fuel sensor was replaced and gas cap is fine. Any experience with these two codes? 2008 C300 4Matic

The headrests opened during fender bender that left no damage on the exterior and airbags did not deploy. Just the headrests of the front seats are open.