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This is very disconcerting at night. The radio panel lights up if radio on.
Hi, I'm driving my first Mercedes ever and I'm trying to understand how to fix an annoying thing I noticed happens when i turn the heater on. When I turn the heater on above 58 degrees it sounds like whale talk, any ...
Passenger side headlight has been replaced with brand new lamp including housing. Still headlight is not working. Decided that maybe relay is bad. Need to know where it is and where to look for it.
I have driven over 350 miles since work and reset of failing codes. How can I get these areas to report correctly?
the front seats in our c280 sport mercedes wont go forward or back on either driver or passenger side but the tilt works on both sides,would this be the electric seat relay that is located in the trunk,or would none o...
Windows all or some stop working,power mirrors stop, some time only one,power seats stop. OK when I disconnect battery everything will be perfect for a few days or week. then problem starts again. I checked all ground...
I need to replace the idler pulley. How do i remove it?
The air conditioner is blowing but it is hot air. I see the little screw driver jumping on the dash. Two lights are on sar and asr on the left.so what is the problem?
What cause make the both front windor and mirror adjuster not working
Had taken vehicle that I have been very happy with, to the car dealer I'd bought it from for maintenance; Not sure they used diagnostic, but was told the lt and rt. oil gaskets needed to be replaced. I'd shopped a...
oil level light on with proper oil level