88,000 miles. Does not matter how far the wheel is turned.

leak of ATF / control module

itll come on rarely but idk whats the problem?! i dont know where the fuse is to check it?

It makes the sound for 59 times just like the seat belt indicator and does it in unision with the seat belt beeps. If you turn on the heater it gets louder.

The car has problems starting, specially when warm. Sometimes idle level too low, this gets worse the longer the car runs. Sometimes pressing the gas pedal does not obtain an immediate response, pressing the gas pedal slowly seems to solve the problem. I have checked the vacuum seal on the exhaust.

i notice that when a drive and when i park my car feels like if its excelarating, i just changed the fuel filter and same thing it just started happening about 1 week ago,somebody please help

one week back check engine displays and the car runs yesterday while driving car stops and today is not starting wat is the reason ols tell me thanks

Stopped at a Shell gas station. filled 1/2 a tank of "gas", car started acting up, found out the gas station messed up. their delivery guy put diesel in their tanks instead of gas. so I got diesel in my gas tank. took it to the dealer. system was flushed. advice the dealer to check the reduce oil engine light. they recomended to change the sensor. i believe either diesel/coolant is my engine. please advice. tnx

Have set on AC (not auto) with blower on and it's blowing cool air - then stops blowing at all for 1 to 2 minutes - then starts again like normal. Dealer say it could be the blower motor resistor? Thank you for your help and/or advice as to what the problem could be.

Is it common to have to replace the brake pads and roters when my C240 4-matic is only at 31000 miles?

how do I check and change a left mirror turn signal

Does it take any special tools, except for the filter wrench, to change the oil and filter?

I hear a certain rumbling from the rear of the station wagon, which I am advised is the differential. Am I into a few thousand dollars to replace?