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It happens each time I drive the car but when I stop and pack for like 20 - 30mins it picks again and after some time it won't accelerate again till I pull over again.
start new alternator battery is charged still getting check alternator battery
As if it had feathered tire tread on in and out sides but they are not
I get the turn signal flashing on the dash but not lights come on?
Reconnected. Since then, warning light has come on a few times. This has never happened prior to disconnection. What else could have been effected? Thank you
how to replace the cold start valve
For 6 months has occasionally threatened to stall, with onset of colder weather would not start readily, holding accelerator halfway down seemed to help. Check engine light came on once 4 months ago and logged code th...
the pulley of my 2005 c-240 mercedes benz fell do you need to replace the whole compressor?
My 2005 mercedez, c240 alternator light came on today, can that damange my car if not fixed in a month?