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hi, I noticed that my "ESP" showed up on the screen two days ago. It comes on, but it always go off. I don't know why it is showing on the screen. I haven't had that much trouble with it at all. Can I still drive it...
When I start the car this warning comes on System Restraint visit workshop. It repeats every 10 mins.
trying to locate the transmission stick to check the fluid levels car gear sometimes makes clicking noises when i put it in gear and sometimes pulls back on me when im driving check ingine light is also on with th...
climate control shuts off by itself, and you don't realize it until you start getting cold. Car has multiple electrical problems. The cruise shuts off by itself, sometimes displays a L rear tail light out (but it's no...
I have no brake lights. Bulbs and fuses good. There is no Brake Light Switch at Pedel. No extra wires, no evidence that there was one. Have picture to prove it. I aint crazy.
no brake lights, bulbs and fuses good.?
two days prior wiper,indicator light and high beam stated coming on for a few seconds intermittently,this was followed by having to make atleast two attempts to start car.finally after trying to start on day two, the ...
BAS light is coming up on my screen
How often does the oil filter and oil need to be replaced.
was driving in the snow and the esp warning sign come on soon the road is clear the esp sign went off
Why would the Check Engine Oil Level Warning Light come on and at one time during day? I just had my oil changed and the engine light came on again? the repair man said I needed to have my engine gaskets changed, I d...
My car when I drive it over 85 MPH the check Engine light comes up for Engine mis fire, why is that happening?
How can I use the hand free phone system in side my car?
When cool the oil level check is ok, but when warm the light comes on and says too full. Is it ok to drive and what is the cause?
I am replaceing the a/c compressor on my 2002 c240. Where is the air dryer located on this car?