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my speakers are not givining sound.
Had tranny replace and the old software was disposed of.
could this be a problem with the transmission
My windshield washer fluid sprayer is not working. When you push in the blinker spray switch. The wipers do not move nor does water come out. The windshield wipers work fine otherwise.
between the neg battery clamp and the battery cable
The smell is like a sour smell. I know the cabin air filter is in the engine compartment and I plan to change today. Any other ideas anyone may have. Thanks
When I drive my car and then come to a complete stop to park. When I move gear shifter from "D" Drive to "P" Park, it stops at "N" Neutral and can not move past to Park. I wait a few seconds and try multiple times an...
Ok so I decided to take my car in to get new brakes and rotors because the light was coming on and whenever i would back up my car would make a loud squeaky sound so after getting my car back I continue to hear the s...
I've noticed some hot air coming from the vents and some cooling air as well. But today it just blows hot air... I'm desperate... I live in So. Florida...
Has any one had issues with the Balance Shaft on their Mercedes? Filing a complaint with the NHTSA may help get this part recalled if you have.
how do i clear the service A indicator ?
I got new brake pads and my brakes still squeek. I only have 32,000 miles on the vehicle.
i tried to replace my parking lighjt bulb.i attempts to pull it but it wont come out
scheduled mileage for a 2006 mercedes c230 automatic transmission flush
I have a 2006 C230. Yesterday, while driving, I heard a squealing noise that sounded like one of the belts under the car hood. The air conditioner stopped blowing cold air & I got a msg. that references a coolant, vi...