2002 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

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194,000 miles, changed fuel filter, air and oil, CEL is on, engine does not always stop, no response from gas pedal, local shop could not read codes. I thinking fuel pump is going, going, gone at the worst time. Any s...
Replaced one way check valve solenoid check hoses no change po410 cameback
I had the head gasket changed, as well as the thermostat. There has been no definitive test as to why I am losing coolant. The dealer had my car for a week, and they tell me "it must be a cracked head. We can't really...
after i accelerate, tap off and accelerate again there is a 2-3 second delay before car starts to respond
we replaced air mass sensor. still have the samed code any suggestions
I have to charge my battery every morning for about half an hour just so my car starts. Once i turn my car off and wait for a couple hours, it won't turn back on due to my battery being dead. If i charge my battery fo...
Where is crankshaft Position Sensor located on my car? Picture Diagram if Posible. Cranks but will not start.
seems like it's trying to choke off, stuttering. Have changed plugs and wiring. What might be other problems causing this?
Hi I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or experience with a knocking noise that happens during idling? Anything will help Thanks!
It is hard for me to change gears in my car, I have had the fluid replaced and flushed once and it was fine should I do it again or is the clutch bad????
my radio and cigarette lighter went to im thinking it a fuse
Is there a way to turn off the check engine light without taking to a shop of buying any tools.