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I also noticed when I release my emergency brake I'm having to pull harder on the release to disengage the emergency brake.
I have a 2000 mb c230 Kompressor sport and don't know why my armed horn doesn't go off? and if my dash warning indicators lights work, like coolant level, oil level, etc? How do I find out what this model was equipted...
the wiper does not move at all but can hear the motor.
We have been unable to fill the gas tank even a little bit. And then the Check Engine light came on. Mechanic says the charcoal filter that cleans the emissions has to be replaced. How do we know what caused it to f...
Code comes up with wrench symbol when car is started - then is replaced by odometer numbers after about 30 seconds.
the lift and could see the leak around...tech indicated it was just the pan gasket....ps...whats the estimate on the cost for the part and estimated time and cost to replace?......Thanks..
to the car computer. Also, my brake light indicator is showing, but all of the brakes are in good condition without any wear???
were is the part I can get to to charge the battery or get trunk open?
Replaced fuel pump and filter,cleaned injectors and installed new o rings. Car suddenly died before i did this. Plenty of gas pressure good spark car won't start. Could it be the crankshaft position sensor? The car wa...
I heard on american made cars with supercharger - they do need to change the oil.
It goes around the heater control nobs, the radio, the temperature control wheels, etc. I need to remove it so I can replace the center vent controls. I know there are two screws on the bottom lip close to the ash tra...