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I have a 1966 MB 600 with transmission problems ( no reverse and jumps into gear and out or gear. The shifter also is loose . Can you help , please email to hanyinpharmacy@hotmail.com
Use to open just fine with remote and the key, now the remote would wont work but still locks and unlocks all doors, panic button works. I have tried to open with key but wont even open.
It acts like it's going to start but dies immediately. Not sure if it's the crank sensor or not. I was driving along and it just died so I had it towed home replaced the fuel pump it started briefly till I got in to ...
I hear a noice coming from my right side of engine. I am concerned and also need to know how dangerous it is to continue to drive if it is a cable pulley
I just rotated the tires and changed the oil and the car runs fine.
In particularly hot or cold conditions, the fan seems comes on after the vehicle has been running for a while. Maybe five or so minutes. Sometimes it does not come on at all. Also, when driving on interstate on hot da...
When I turn the key in the ignition, sometimes it will crank but won't start, but always starts on the 2nd or 3rd try. Also, what should it cost to replace the crankshaft position sensor, and the starter? Please respo...
The heat/air cond. work, the defrost works, and the power windows work. Trying to determine if it's burned out bulbs or fuses. I'd like to correct the problem myself if possible. Thank you.