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Diagnostic Codes are P0135, P0141, P0443, P0446, P 01335, P01236, P01420. P01525
There is a grinding noise coming from the supercharger and it looks like the clutch is cracking around it.
Do I actually need to change the brake rotors along with the brake pad as he recommended I do, or is it a money sucker and can I JUST replace the pads?!
One never knows when it will cease to blow. No reason. Just stops blowing when driving or starts a few minutes after the car starts. Weather does not seem to be a cause nor does humidity. Happens on heater as well as ...
when i switch it of it's stays there,how do i repair it?
i went for car inspection codes 0105 and 0410 showed up what they mean?,
this car has heat and ac controls on both sides and can heat one side of cabin and ac on the other side of the cabin at the same . I set both sides for heat the right blows heat and the left side blows ac with both ...
now the car will not respond to remote prompts.