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The heat/air cond. work, the defrost works, and the power windows work. Trying to determine if it's burned out bulbs or fuses. I'd like to correct the problem myself if possible. Thank you.
I have my reset codes but my radio will not turn on.
i need to know the location of the gas relay to replace
Hi, battery is dead, I change and I need to know my car's radio code dont have the owners manual its number is WDBHA24G6XF760765. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
how expensive to change them
car doesnt shift out of first
WEn i try to start it wnt start i jus had my gas line repar but wen i start it no gas leakin
The motor sounds like it is working but wiper is stuck on left side. When manually moved towards the center the motor takes over but gets stuck again on the left side. I have already greased vertical sliders under t...
my supercharger is making noise like a bearing going bad and was wondering...is this rebuildable or do I have to replace it? and who in the Portland Oregon area rebuilds these?
My car runs rough when at stopped at red light, idle speed is very rough. Check Engine light is ON. Scanner tool displays P03. Mechanic says #3 exhaust manifold is leaking air causing rough idle. What repair job is r...
these two lights on the dash are on
will not shift out of second gear. check engine light stays on
hi, i'd like to know which kind of oil for gearbox need to put for Mercedes C-230 kompressor 1999 year? Thanks!