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I have a 1966 MB 600 with transmission problems ( no reverse and jumps into gear and out or gear. The shifter also is loose . Can you help , please email to hanyinpharmacy@hotmail.com
Use to open just fine with remote and the key, now the remote would wont work but still locks and unlocks all doors, panic button works. I have tried to open with key but wont even open.
Diagnostic Codes are P0135, P0141, P0443, P0446, P 01335, P01236, P01420. P01525
It acts like it's going to start but dies immediately. Not sure if it's the crank sensor or not. I was driving along and it just died so I had it towed home replaced the fuel pump it started briefly till I got in to ...
I hear a noice coming from my right side of engine. I am concerned and also need to know how dangerous it is to continue to drive if it is a cable pulley