1998 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

Answered 1998 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

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I just replaced my battery and now the car won't even come on. It has electronic key. I checked fuses, lights, doors, alarm works but horn is not. Please help.
engine running rough with check engine light on is it safe to continue to drive it?
its at 1200 right now would like to no more about it and how to fix it thanks.
plus had water in oil changed it and put sodium silicat in radiator
I would obviousely be looking for one with a full service history. I really like the car, and would just like to know if that would be a good idea or not??
When I start my car and put it in gear to drive, a light comes on. It looks like a face of a stop watch or maybe a light.
With out damaging door panel. I want to repair switch instead of paying $400.00 for it.
Is it possibly the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel injector, fuel relay
How hard/expensive to replace fuel tank and where do I get parts? Have recently done alternator/battery, brakes and rotors, water pump, serpentine belt AND spring perch reweld. Drives GREAT...think it might be wor...
My car has a fault code for CAN Communication, then ABS light on, what should I do
car was stalling on me so I changed fuel filter and the car still stalled so I changed the fuel pump. I unplugged the battery to do this and now I have no power whn I turn on the ignition
My AC comesw on for about 5 minutes blows cold then goes hot. I replaced the compressor, expansion valve , drier reciever, leak checked, and serviced the system and the problem is still there.