Problem occurs every time I drive the car. It sometimes stays in a lower gear and sometimes goes in neutral while I am driving.

My car been sitting down and for a while so my fuel pump when out I replace it crunck it up and moved it maybe fifty yards then I let it sat and ran bout a hour in a half got in it and tryed to move it it just rolled a inch and stop even in reverse same thing my check in engine light on and a tool symbol is up there to even in any gear I press the gas the rpm only goes up to bout 3000 to 3500 but at when I moved it I had no problems this not the first time this happen one day it stop like that on the people I bout it from then all of a sudden it started back shifting I pulled the code and it said transmission not shifting properly I forgot the code number

Where is the fuel pump located and how to remove it?

I just replaced my battery and now the car won't even come on. It has electronic key. I checked fuses, lights, doors, alarm works but horn is not. Please help.

The blower works when in defrost setting, but not when I direct the air flow to the floor. The heat comes out of the vents near the windshield, but nowhere else.

ac will not come out in middle only on sides and top of dashboard why

replace it a Mechanic Maybe

engine running rough with check engine light on is it safe to continue to drive it?

its at 1200 right now would like to no more about it and how to fix it thanks.

i have mercedes c240 model 1998,from one week i have signal come's some times on the control panel written as " HI".I need to know what problem i have.thank's

plus had water in oil changed it and put sodium silicat in radiator

I would obviousely be looking for one with a full service history. I really like the car, and would just like to know if that would be a good idea or not??

When I start my car and put it in gear to drive, a light comes on. It looks like a face of a stop watch or maybe a light.

The car made a loud noise and now it won't move. We've been told it may have a Chrysler transmission which if so will make replacing it a lot less expensive. How can we tell the exact transmission it has from the VIN number?