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Kick panel is remove and do access to lock cylinder is there a release pin to remove it from the steering column
The ac works fine, but as soon as I take the highway and drive 60 mph the ac shut off. When I slow down and take an exit the ac resumes working. Help
The wipers were worked on only to find out the wiper motor and the switch were fine. It was the hydraulic arm. It was after all was put back together that the air bag light would not go off.
Anyone ever used regular unleaded in this car and what was the experience.
These are the codes that were found on my check engine light.I replaced the mass air flow 2 mo ago and I replace the EGR valve. It is still stalling out when idling. It is like it gets too hot and shuts down. I al...
I replaced the EGR valve and it is still stalling at redlights...could it be something else?
None of the needles move when I turn the car on. I don't know how fast I am going or how much gas is in the car. Is this an electrical problem or a fuse problem?
how do i change the ignition switch and cylinder.