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I have replaced the blower fan resistor. My reasoning for thinking vacuum or stepper motor is I have no air coming out of any vents regardless of which direction i choose. I accessed the diagnostics of the climate c...
both of my headlights are out with the low beam both high beams work, I've change both bulbs and they still do not work I even changed the fuse's any answers would be appreciated
When it is cold and im driving, the car makes a noise (similar to a bearing noise) when i back off the gas pedal. It stops when i push the gas again. when it is warm (over 30-40 degrees F) it does not do it and it s...
Just changed radiator and spayed engine with hose to clean up.Suspect that i screwed up the crank sensor but just not sure.
The main wire harness has been replaced because the wire insulation crumbled and fell off. I have also replaced the Mass Airflow Sensor. The engine surge started before I replaced these items.
I have a 1995 Mercedes Benz C220 with 80,000 miles. The check engine light is always on for a transmission down shift cable issue. The issue is my car's transmission does not shift smoothly from low to high gears but...
Does the power steering pump come with or without a self-leveling device? The VIN for my car is WDBHA22EOSF197335.
how to replace throttle body
How do I replace throttle body assembly