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Where does the transmission Fluid Go into the Car? and How?
i have check engine litght on idle air control is the code what can you tell me about it
First blinkers went out, then hazard lights went out, then I tried to turn on the windshield wiper only to be literally shocked by the switch, the blade stopped in it's tracks at the same time, and the switch began to...
auto transmission lever will not move . cannot take it out of park. what is problem?
Just recently, as the temperatures have risen here in Florida my car is having trouble starting. If the car sits all day in a parking lot and the internal temperature of the car indicates 100 plus degrees the car wo...
what part will be needed to repair the A/C. The Main problem that i have is that the A/C is not working properly. A/c will star working and cold air will blow. but after a minute warm heat will star flowing. would...
When driving for trips over 30 min. the gear shift box feels hot. What could be causing this? Have checked the transmission fluid; a little low.