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I was riding and I noticed the oil light come on but I do not know what kind of oil I am supposed to put in it. It is my first luxury car and I do not want to mess it up.
i just baught the car and the gas gauge and speedomiter started to fail, then i was driving it and i was at a stop and pressed the gas to go forward and it didnt go it started to move very slowly when it finaly was mo...
I'm leaking water....need to know if there are hoses, perhaps heater hoses, behind the water reservoir. There is steam comihg from the left rear of the engine compartment and I am loosing power to the engine. At firs...
The problem just started, the water pump was replaced about a month ago. Is there any way water can get into a cylinder other than having a defective head gasket? Please tell me yes.
The drive shaft of my 1995 C220 Mercedes Benz just broke and I would like to know how much it would be the cost to repair it.
Car drives fine. No problems, except engine quits when going through a car wash. I'm afraid to drive in in the rain. No, moving to the desert is not an option.
Does the power steering pump come with or without a self-leveling device? The VIN for my car is WDBHA22EOSF197335.
What size socket wrench do I need for fan cover?
Where does the transmission Fluid Go into the Car? and How?
i have check engine litght on idle air control is the code what can you tell me about it
First blinkers went out, then hazard lights went out, then I tried to turn on the windshield wiper only to be literally shocked by the switch, the blade stopped in it's tracks at the same time, and the switch began to...
auto transmission lever will not move . cannot take it out of park. what is problem?
how to replace throttle body
How do I replace throttle body assembly
Just recently, as the temperatures have risen here in Florida my car is having trouble starting. If the car sits all day in a parking lot and the internal temperature of the car indicates 100 plus degrees the car wo...