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In looking over the car I recently bought -- 1990 560SEL with 114,000 miles -- when I had the brakes redone the shop I went to told me they detected leaks in the manifold gaskets. I have no performance issues, not sur...
starts when i spay starter fluid in air cleaners area,so fuel related,changed fuel pump relay ,same,probably fuel pump or is there some hidden fuse to lookout for maybe under rear seat
why engine oil can run into my car steering box
car was stored for a while, ran rough, tuned it, ran better, but then died and no spark.
Just bought a 1990 560 Sel. Yesterday it drove and more importantly braked nicely. Today, after 24 hours of close to zero temp, the brakes were pretty much not there. Only went around the block, decided against furth...
occasions I replaced the fuel pump relay prior to the last incident what could be the problem
How do you test/repair vac. lines, actuators? Thanks. Steve
Its actually a 1986,it idles really fast. What can possibly be the cause of this?
Replace fuel pump and still not startng
If you hit the air intake with a dab of either it starts and runs perfect. Also starts great after warmed up, it seems to have low fuel pressure on cold starts