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Nor do the 2 buttons under it. All the other buttons work.
mysteriously on & off , all different time frames ,,, also when car is on ' then was stopping for weeks , now seems to be constant !!! i changed the headlight switch thinking it had to do with european funcions to the...
but is very hard to turn. There is on hole in tumbler to stick a wire to release it.
I just got this 500SL. I bought it with the check engine light on. I have access to an OBD 1 computer but don't know where to find the connection. I also will need a list of the trouble codes. Thanks
My alarm system goes off intermittently while i am driving. this causes me to stop the car, shut it off and put the key in the drivers door to stop it . sometimes it happens 2-3 times when i start it
front tires are being cut when going in/out of the driveway as you turn and put some torque on the chasis. have changed the shocks. please advise, thanks
Can this affect the parsenger side seat belt? It has frozen. What can I do?
or on cornering.when restart may run very rough for aprox 30 seconds. May be either Cam sensor or crank sensor.please advise. also not i dis splash power steering fluid from loose resivior cap. could this have shorted...